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skull painting time- december 22nd 2022 (black bear)

over the garden wall party- september 24th 2022

rockhound gemboree- july 31st 2022 (this was so fuckinf cool)

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Last site update: December 29th 2022.

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December 28th- Heyoo its been a while. I haven't edited this website since the summer and wanted to re-introduce myself to HTML before I forget too much. I redesigned some stuff again, tidied up the "enter the void" page and just messed around- nothing too special.

July 20th- Big site update because I'm in another sleep deprived HTML haze. I want to do as much work on this site as I can before I go back to college and won't have the time to mess with it too much.

July 17th- I've had this new look for a day or so. What revamp are we on- this is 7th or 8th time I've redone the whole theme? I wanted to test to see if I thought it was too much colour- but I like it! and the circle theme makes it actually feel like a void, right?

In addition, you must've noticed the new "enter the void" screen when you visit! It's basic but I'll mess with it more later.

July 13th- ugh changed the whole website again because I thought the other one was WAY too much decor and stuff. this new theme is still a work in progress!

June 29th- ADDED MORE PAGES!! So please go take a look if ya want.

June 24th- I changed the look of the whole site again lmao. I like this one a lot better, it's much more vibey- and I leaned a lot while doing it too so my brain is happy.

June 22nd- THE LINKS PAGE IS UP!! I'm trying to figure out how I want this site to look. I'll prolly change it again in the future as I get better at html- this website is also a learning project for me :), so it's subject to change a lot.

  • finish the right side bar
  • add more in the "my work" page
  • work on the progress feed

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Hello!! My name is Vince. I am a 19 y/o illustrator/wannabe animator from Ontario, Canada.

  • Birth stone: Opal
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Bitches: none
  • .

I made this lil site to be a customizable and experimental way of sharing my work. I dont know how obvious it is, but I got no clue what I'm doing. I've always wanted my own website but have been too intimidated by HTML and CSS for a very long time. I'm still figuring it out (the first version of this website was... interesting).

I do a bit of painting, digital art, and I've created lots of these stipple/dotwork illustrations of demons. you can check all these out on @preterthings , (or just click the @preterthings button on the top left corner of the page). I also like pixel art, animating, painting animal skulls, and making low poly models.

> Right now I am a college student and don't have much time to regularly update this website, so I may vanish for many months at a time with no updates.

  • doctors and dentists n' needles
  • all meat (except seafood)
  • lawnmover, cicada and vacuum noises
  • the fucking sun
  • The ocean- tis' scary (but marine life is very cool)
  • white rooms
  • drinking milk