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Welcome to the Zorner (zen corner). I know my website is chaotic and existing in this world is overwhelming. Here's where I recommend all the stuff that personally helps me :)! Maybe you and I are similar and can benefit from my advice. You can click on the highlighted words to find some helpful videos. You're always welcome in the Zorner!

Before you proceed: I reccomend you take a deep breath through your nose- hold it for six seconds- and slowly exhale through your mouth. repeat six times.

I have a few select strategies to quickly calm myself down, especially in social situations. I'll try not to list the same ones that you'll find everywhere else, as I'm sure you've tried them plenty of times and don't need me to remind you. The first thing I do is try to get outside, and once outside, try to find five things from neature. This could be a flower, a weed growing through a crack in the sidewalk, a bird, anything . And if you can't get outside, look for a window. I do this because it helps me appreciate the world despite certain settings that cause distress. Try to appreciate the beauty in every petal of a flower and think about why the pattern and the colours look the way that it does, and let your mind focus on those innocent questions.

If you're experiencing a tension headache caused by either anxiety or depression, it may feel like thick black walls are compressing your brain. To combat this I excuse myself to a restroom, preferabky a private one where other people wont walk in. I turn on the tap, and get my head close to it, and cover my ears. This snuffs out the sound and replicates layered white/brown noise. Additionally, I visualize the pressure in my head melting away like a waterfall.

When I can't sleep, the two things that really help are soothing sounds and smells. The sound can't be too interesting however- otherwise it would cause more activity in my brain. Forest ambience and ocean ambience always conjured up scenes of birds and whales and crickets. My two go-to sounds are brown noise and thunderstorm ambience. I prefer burning incense sticks over candles because I find they induce feelings of calm and purifies your space, and the fragrance spreads across the room faster and stronger so sleepytime comes more easily. My personal favourites are Tree of Life and Citronella (Goloka brand).

Sometimes during spurts of innsomnia I can get a little paranoid. I used to feel endangered by entities or demons and whatnot. The thought I eventually came to is "if these things were actually gonna harm me, I feel like they would've done it by now." Videos that poke fun at the idea of ghostly entities haunting people (like this one by Brandon Rogers) also help a ton. It gives me a new humourous way of looking at my fear.

Thats all the advice I have for now. I love you. Thanks for reading <3

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Last site update: July 17th, 2022.

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July 20th- Big site update because I'm in another sleep deprived HTML haze. I want to do as much work on this site as I can before I go back to college and won't have the time to mess with it too much.

July 17th- I've had this new look for a day or so. What revamp are we on- this is 7th or 8th time I've redone the whole theme? I wanted to test to see if I thought it was too much colour- but I like it! and the circle theme makes it actually feel like a void, right?

In addition, you must've noticed the new "enter the void" screen when you visit! It's basic but I'll mess with it more later.

July 13th- ugh changed the whole website again because I thought the other one was WAY too much decor and stuff. this new theme is still a work in progress!

June 29th- ADDED MORE PAGES!! So please go take a look if ya want.

June 24th- I changed the look of the whole site again lmao. I like this one a lot better, it's much more vibey- and I leaned a lot while doing it too so my brain is happy.

June 22nd- THE LINKS PAGE IS UP!! I'm trying to figure out how I want this site to look. I'll prolly change it again in the future as I get better at html- this website is also a learning project for me :), so it's subject to change a lot.

  • add more in the "my work" page
  • work on the progress feed
  • add secret pages

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Hello!! My name is Vince (they/them) aka "preterthings". I am a nonbinary, 18 year old artist/animator from Ontario, Canada.

  • Birth stone: Opal
  • Zodiac: (air sign), Libra
  • Bitches: none

I have a lot of interests, so I made Vince's Void to be a customizable and experimental way of sharing my work, expressing myself, sharing stuff, and so on. I dont know how obvious it is, but I got no clue what I'm doing. I've always wanted my own website but have been too intimidated by HTML and CSS. I'm still figuring it out.

I do a bit of painting, digital art, and I've created lots of these stipple/dotwork illustrations of demons (you can check all these out on @preterthings ). I also like pixel art and making low poly models. I like learning stuff, so I practice lots of different mediums of art. Gotta collect em' all.

I'm not good at talking to people. I can learn HTML and make a whole ass website to express myself, but my brain can't actually come up with the right words in person. It do be like that.

I develop lots of stories and concepts for shows I hope to animate someday, even if they end up nothing more than tiny personal projects. Real generic college art student dreams, I know.

  • doctors and dentists
  • needles
  • all meat (exept seafood)
  • lawnmover, cicada and vacuum noises
  • intensely sunny days
  • being in the ocean (but marine life is very cool)
  • cringe culture
  • gender norms
  • white rooms
  • any first impression I have given anyone ever
  • milk