PLEASE READ!! The following are some out-of-context pictures of my life that I really like, (hover to enlarge). I think its cool total strangers somewhere on earth get to see these things. Some images may be disturbing! I edit lots of my photos to be creepy (for artistic purposes and for fun), and these more disturbing pics have been sprinkled in randomly.

"Otober Oracle"

"goat horns"

"red couch blue orb"

"Old Dorm"

"the room is different"

"halloween store crush"

"suspicious bushpeople treats"


"A Glass Entity"

"secret basement!!"

"being happy doing art stuff"

"can't sleep rainbow fish"

"*gargle noises*"

"crystal closet 2"

"glowing drink"

"bat dance"

"snuck into the disco"

"Vince's joker arc"

"Temporary Fear of God"

"You've Aged"

"Blue Party (of suspicious origin)"

"lonely at the bus stop"

"bad vibes"

"passing as human???"

"Barbie in the glass room"

"the church my parents married in (they're divorced now lmao)"

"dead Vince"

"I hate this place"

"The Teeth Café"

"the glass studio "

"Angelic Keegan"

"crystal closet 1"